Lets Learn About 3D Printing!

by | Jan 7, 2022

What is 3D Printing? 3D Printing is an innovation in the field of technology that when first introduced, gets many positive appreciation from people.

So what is exactly 3D printing?? 

3D Printer is a printer that can print in a 3 dimensional space. If a conventional printer can only print documents on a 2D plane, be it colored or black and white, 3D printer can produce an object with high accuracy with the digital files as a 3d statuette, or object and not only flat on paper.

It is used in prototyping and industrial case of architecture, automotive, geographic data system, even biotechnology and art
It works via building an object layer by layer with the provided material and slowly building up the object drawn in the digital files

Some of the different systems used in 3D printers are:

Fused Deposition Modeling( FDM) 

FDM uses a roll of filaments as material, it is distinctive of the layer lines visible in the end product due to the layer by layer building process. It have relatively low resolution and detail compared to the other system of printing, which are: 

Stereolithography( SLA) 

SLA uses a Photopolymer resin tank that is filled with liquid plastic or resin that are sensitive to and can harden with UV lights, the print result of this system is finer and sharper in details, the only downside is the object made with this type of printer needs to be washed with IPA alcohol to sterilize the resin residue clinging to the surface and inside of the item

Sintering Laser Selektif( SLS) 

SLS utilizes Polymer powder as material. Using a powerful laser technology, it melts the particles of the powder and unify them as a solid object. The end result have a somewhat rough surface, but is lineless in terms of layer line and doesn’t need support to hold the print item.