Bolt Software

For Analysis and Verification of bolted connections we offer our software SpaceBoltTM. This tool enables analysis of bolted connections according to:
• VDI2230 “Systematic analysis of highly loaded bolt connections
• ECSS-E-HB-32-23A “Threaded Fasteners Handbook” (Space standard for bolt analysis).

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Key features
• ECSS calculation procedures (ESA evaluation)
• Simple handling of large datasets: multiple bolt groups, Excel interface
• Direct input of FEA results:
NASTRAN and plain CSV formats
• User friendly interface
• Detailed output ready for documentation
• Database functionality: for bolts, nuts, inserts, material and friction coefficients
• Modular structure
• Outputs for fracture analysis (NASGRO)
• Statics, sine and random loads
• Responsive customer support


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