CubeSat Propulsion Modules

The Dawn Aerospace 0.7U CubeSat propulsion module, part of the company’s bi-propellant series of modules for 3U to 24U+ CubeSats, is ECSS qualified, readily available, and designed to be simple to use.

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lead time: < 6 months (from order confirmation)
mass: 1170 g
dry mass: 1000 g
propellant mass: 170 g
length: 70.0 mm
width: 95.4 mm
height: 95.4 mm: > 425 Ns
total impulse: > 285 s
specific impulse: > 285 s
operating temperature: 0 to 30 C
thrust range: 0.33 N at 0°C, 0.55 N at 15°C, 1 N at 30°C
minimum impulse bit: 35 mNs
cold gas: < 20 mNs (using N2O)
cold gas: < 2 mNs (using C3H6)
maximum impulse bit: 7500 mN s
firing power (average): 12.5 W
propellant (self pressurizing): nitrous oxide (N2O)
propene (C3H6)
data interface: RS-485 full-duplex


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