Curing box LD200

Special secondary curing machine LD200 The hardness of the model after secondary curing is stronger and the surface is clean.

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Product Size; 300mm(W) x 265mmx (D) x 375mm(H), 11.8(W) x 10.4(D) x 14.8(H)inch
Machine Weight: 10kg, 22lbs Curing Range: 215mm(D) x 220mm(H), 8.46(D) x 8.66(H)inch
Timing: 5-60min
Wavelength: 400-405nm
Curing Way: Solidified in Water
Voltage: Input 110/220V, output 12V
Power: 50W

Package Included:
1 x UV Curing Machine
1 x Power Supply
1 x Power Cable
1 x Water Box


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