Das Hub

DAS Hub unmodified DAS-bus equipment can be connected to Ethernet using a communication protocol very similar to the version used in the Conditioning Units. A maximum of eight DAS-bus units, either Binary or BCD devices, can be connected to a single DAS Hub. Common External Trigger input is provided for all connected devices.

Timeslot, BNC-connector with the “TIME_SLOT” output, an output signal, going high and low together with the TX signal from the test device.
Receive Data, BNC-connector with the inverted analog signal representing “REDCAT”, which is the demodulated signal.
CLK 100, BNC-connector with the “FRAME_CLK” signal.
Power Envelope, BNC-connector containing an analog signal “POWER” with a voltage indicative of the instantaneous received power from the DUT.
Parallel Interface, 25-pin male DSUB interface connector containing the control input (A parallel PC interface). This interface
should be used together with a Windows® based PC to control the test Set and to query data from the Test Set.
AC input / AC switch. Power supply 110 / 220V. RS-232
RS-232 operation for download firmware purpose (for RTX bench work only)


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