FP2636 SMD Stencil Printer

Critical to PCB assembly and the first step in the paste, place, reflow process is the accurate deposition of solder paste with a stencil printer. Stencil printer PM3040 in manual configuration, with frame or “frameless” construction, designed for low to medium volume SMT production on areas.



1. T screw rod regulating handle,ensure adjustment accuracy and levelness of PCB fixed plane,minimum lead pitch achieved 1mm.

2. Adjustable rubber footing, ensure the flatness while operating.

3. Letter mark for each regulating handle, better and easier to operate.

4. Rulers of stencil fixed frame for reference lines, ensure the levelness between stencil and PCB.

Technical parameters

Product name SMD Stencil Printer
Max PCB Size 280×380mm
Min PCB Size 10×5mm
Screen Stencil Size 260×360mm
Printing Speed Labor control
PCB Thickness 0-20mm
Platform Height 190mm
Repeatability ±0.01mm
Max Rotation Angle ±15°
Positioning Mode Outside/Reference Hole



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