Handheld Starters

Handheld starters are commonly used for programs where it is not necessary to have an onboard starter. They are powered by an external DC power source such as batteries or a start cart. 12V and 24V configurations are available.

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Model Number: S603
Voltage: 12V/24V
Engine Size: up to 40cc
Torque: 320 in-oz/512 in-oz
RPM: 3600 RPM/7200 RPM
Model Number: S651
Voltage: 12V/24V
Engine Size: up to 80cc
Torque: 517 in-oz/896 in-oz
RPM: 2500 RPM/5000 RPM
Model Number: S654/S655
Voltage: 12V
Engine Size: up to 350cc
Torque: 125+ in-lbs
RPM: 3000 RPM


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