HLI Digital Panel Meter

The High-level Interface unit is a dedicated high-accuracy unit to measure “high level” signals (nominal range ± 4 V) from tunnel sensors. The main function of the Digital Panel Meter module is to convert the analog input signal and present the conversion result to the front panel displaym and the Data Bus of the module. The LLI Digital panel meter is a replacement for the obsolete Newport digital panel voltmeter 2000AS.

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FSR: ±5.9999 V
Maximum overdrive: ±200 V
Resolution: 100 μV
Error, relative: ±50 ppm of reading max. @ 25 °C, 8 h
Error, absolute: ±250 μV max. @ 25 °C, 8 h
Input impedance: 10 GΩ typ.
Offset current: ±500 pA typ.
Common-mode Voltage: 300 V
Supply voltage: 85 - 264 VAC 50 Hz, 10 W max.
Conversion rate: 38 SPS max. Measurement bandwidth: 940 MHz with DPMF.
ADC 24:-bit Delta-sigma Start Conversion: negative-going edge of Start Conversion
Auto-convert with SC held low
Conversion Complete: Low during conversion
Digital output: 20 bits BCD (19 bits plus sign), 5 V TTL level
Remote controls: Display blanking, also with a front panel switch
Calibration controls: FS and offsets nulling accessible on the rear panel
Display 0.55 inch 7-segment and sign indicator
Connector analog: SAE#SAC15S/1-2 Cinch#250-15-30-170 with a key between pins 6/7
Connector digital: SAE#SAC22D/1-2 Cinch#251-22-30-160with key between pins 10/11
Connector power: 1 PHOENIX CONTACT MSTB2,5/3-ST-5,08 PLUG, FREE, R/A, 5.08MM, 3WAY PE on centre contact


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