NeoDen IN12 has 12 temperature zones, unique heating module design, intelligent control system, built-in welding smoke filtering system, which makes it intelligent, innovative, compact and high-performance.

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1. PCB soldering temperature curve can be displayed based on real-time measurement.

2. Lightweight, miniaturization, professional industrial design, flexible application site, more user-friendly.

3. The mesh sprocket made of high-precision profile technology and the unique support structure can effectively reduce the vibration of the PCB in the reflow zones, and easily cope with the welding of small size components such as 0201 and complex chips such as BGA/QFP/QFN.



Product name
NeoDen IN12 LED reflow soldering oven machine PCB Temperature Deviation
NeoDen IN12 Max soldering height
35mm (includes PCB thickness)
Heating Zone Quantity
Upper6 / Down6 Max Soldering Width
350mm (PCB Width)
Cooling Fan
Upper4 Length Process Chamber
Conveyor Speed
50~600 mm/min Electricity Supply
AC 220v/single phase
Temperature Range
Room temperature~300℃ Machine Size
Temperature Accuracy
1℃ Heat-up Time
30 min
Net Weight


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