Multiple application TOTEM configurations.

Narrowband communication protocol between users and terminals located all around the Earth, which provides communication capabilities based on short messages as well as a set of functionalities beyond the message’s transportation. H2.0 protocol is intended to maximize the number of terminals serviced per pass not the amount of data transferred per terminal.

Communication services:
○ Store-and-forward
○ Data-relay
○ Group communication
● Bidirectional and broadcast communication
● Management and maintenance service for terminals network supervision and control by the system owner.
● Modulation: GMSK
● Bitrate: 1200-9600 bps
● Channel bandwidth: 25 kHz
● Capacity or each channel (using s-ALOHA): 400 terminals (UL) + 80 terminals (DL) / 15min. Other configurations
are possible


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