ND35T wave soldering machine single person offline operation working mode,

flux coating: selective spray,

tin stove fixed PCB move movement way.

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Selective spray flux: according to the PCB structure, the user can edit the program to plan the X-Y movement path of the spray flux.

Selective wave soldering: Selectively soldering the PCB according to the user's program path X-Y-(Z).

Tin furnace: patent square nozzle design, furnace bladder anti-corrosion treatment; High temperature motor drive, fully enclosed impeller, low design; Electromagnetic pump tin stove is optional.

Manipulator + motion control: the movement of PCB relative to tin stove adopts X-Y-(Z) right-angle manipulator, servo/stepper motor drive; Ball screw + linear guide way; Motion control card, path and add/subtract speed control.

Preheating: Preheating temperature, preheating time, preheating path program can be adjusted, users can flexibly use infrared + hot air preheating process;

Nitrogen system: with nitrogen pressure adjustment, flow control, advance heating, nitrogen cap.(option)

Equipment operation: single person (or robot) to take and put the board operation.


Model ND35T
PCB Size 50*50—350*300mm
Working mode Single person offline operation
Flux coating Selective spray
Flux tank capacity 2L
Preheating Zone Power 2KW, Option
Solder capacity 16Kg
Solder temperature 1.5KW,Room temperature -400℃
Spray height of tin 0--15mm
Movement way Tin stove fixed PCB move
Control method Control card + programmer
Starting power 1.5KW
Operating power 0.5—1KW
Power supply 1P AC220V 50Hz+N+G,1.5 KW / 3KW
Net Weight 180KG
Dimension 960(L)* 1250(W)* H935(H)mm
Packing 1100(L)* 1250(W)* H935(H)mm


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