ND 56X

NeoDen ND56X offline X-RAY inspection machine X-Ray tube source specification,

type sealed micro-focus X-Ray tube,

type TFT industrial dynamic FPD.

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NeoDen ND 56X X-Ray Inspection Machine


Product name NeoDen ND 56X X-Ray Inspection Machine Micro Focus Spot Size                                    15μm
Model ND 56X Max Sample Size 280mm×320mm
Voltage Range 40-90KV Input Power 220V  10A/110V  15A  50-60HZ
Current Range 10-200 μA Dimensions L850mm×W1000mm×H1700mm
Max Output Power                    8 W Net Weight About 750KG

X-Ray Tube Source Specification

Type Sealed Micro-Focus X-Ray Tube

Flat Panel Detector Specification

Type TFT Industrial Dynamic FPD


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