ND 680

NeoDen ND680 offline AOI machine automatic programming, manual programming, CAD data import, and automatic corresponding to component library.

Test mode: Optimized detection technology covering the whole circuit board. Jointed board and multiple marks, with Bad Mark function.

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Product name: NeoDen ND680 Offline AOI Machine

PCB dimension: 50*50mm (Min) - 400*360mm (Max)

PCB degree of curvature: < 5mm or 3% of the diagonal length of PCB.

PCB component height: above: < 30mm, below: < 50mm

Positioning accuracy: <16um

Movement speed: 800mm/sec

Image processing speed: 0402, chip < 12ms

Equipment weight: 560KG

Overall dimension of equipment: 1000*950*1580mm

Air pressure requirement: pipeline compressed air, ≥0.49MPa


Detection type

Component defects such as whether there is solder paste, offset, insufficient solder, excess solder, open circuit and contamination;

mounting defects such as missing part, offset, skewing, tombstone, mounting on side, turnover, wrong parts, damage and reversal, etc.;

solder joint defects such as excess solder, insufficient solder, pseudo soldering, and solder bridge, etc.;

and PCB defects such as copper foil contaminated, black pad, de-lamination, copper foil missing, and oxidation, etc.

Image recognition

Automatically set the parameters (e.g. shift, polarity, short circuit, etc.) according to different inspection requirements.


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