NeoDen ND S1 solder paste inspection machine check content about area, volume, height, shape, offset, continuous tin electrodeposit. Tin statues shortage types.

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NeoDen ND S1 Solder Paste Inspection Machine



Product name NeoDen ND S1 Solder Paste Inspection Machine Solder scope 0.2mm×0.2mm~12mm×12mm
Model ND S1 Height detection precision 1 μm
FOV 48mm*40mm (20 μm) Repeatedly (volume, area, height) <1 μm
Processing time per frame <0.7s External sizes L1090*W1290*H1534mm
Max test height 400 μm Weight 750KG

Software System

Operation system: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

1) Idetification system:

Feature: 3D raster camera (double is optional)

Operate interface: Graphical programming, easy to operate, Chinese and English system switch over

Interface: 2D AND and 3D truecolor image

MARK: Can choose 2 commom mark point

2) Programe: Support gerber, CAD input, offline and manual program

3) SPC

Offline SPC: Support

SPC Report: Anytime Report

Control Graphic: Volume, area, height, offset

Export content: Excel, image (jpg, bmp)


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