NDL250 PCB Loader Machine

This equipment is used for the operation of PCB loading in the line

Loading time: Approx. 6 seconds

Magazine change over time: Approx. 25 seconds

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Product name NeoDen NDL250 PCB Loader Machine
Model NDL 250
PCB size (L*W) 50*50mm-350*250mm
Magazine size (L*W*H) 355*320*563mm
Loading time Approx.6 seconds
Magazine change over time Approx.25 seconds
Power source & consumption 100-230VAC(customized), 1ph, max 300VA
Air pressure & consumption 4-6bar,max 10L/min
PCB thickness(mm) Min 0.4mm
Transport height(mm) 900±30(or customized)
Dimension(L*W*H) 1370*770*1250mm
Weight(kg) 145kg


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