Neoden ND2 Automatic SMT paste printer good identification, suitable for tinning, copper plating, Gold plating, tin spraying, FPC and other types of PCB with different colors.



Options Configuration

1. Automatically add solder paste at fixed time and fixed point to ensure the quality of solder paste and the amount of solder paste in the steel mesh. In order to ensure that customers can carry out quality stability and long-term continuous printing, improve productivity.

2. According to different printing process requirements, after printing, the PCB can be carry out accurate dispensing, tin dispensing,ine drawing, filling and other functional operations.

3. Real time detection of solder paste margin (thickness) on stencil, intelligent prompt tin adding.

Product name Automatic SMT paste printer PCB solder printer
Maximum board size(X x Y) 450mm x 350mm
Minimum board size(X x Y) 50mm x 50mm
PCB thickness 0.4mm~6mm
Warpage ≤1% Diagonal
Maximum board weight 3Kg
Board margin gap Configuration to 3mm
Maximum bottom gap 20mm
Transfer speed 1500mm/s(Max)
Transfer height from the ground 900±40mm
Transfer orbit direction L-R,R-L,L-L,R-R
Machine weight Appro.1000Kg


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