NeoDen4 high speed desktop pick and place machine is the best choice to satisfy all demands of high precision, high capacity, stable performance and low cost.

Pick and place machine is NeoDen Tech’s independent product, with completely independent intellectual property.

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Vision system pick and place machine NeoDen4, with high speed and accuracy, compact in body, low power, stable quality and easy operation.

It adopts our newly developed feeding system which can help to replace the tape easily and install smoothly, together with its vision system and rails feeding system, committed to create the great value for customers in actual PCB production.

NeoDen4, the 4th generation pick and place machine of NeoDen Tech, was independently designed and developed with patents and CE certificate.



Product name NeoDen4 pick and place automation machine Feeders 48pcs
Machine Style Single Gantry with 4 Heads Average working power 220V/160W
Placement Rate 4000CPH Component Range Smallest Size: 0201
External Dimension L 680*W 870*H 460mm Biggest Size: TQFP240
Max applicable PCB 310mm*1200mm Max Height: 5mm


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