NG 680

Cutting Speed: 15000-30000pads/h
Cutting Area: 680mm*680mm
Cutting Thickness: ≤0.5mm
Cutting Accuracy: ±0.005mm
Repeatability: ±0.002mm
Laser: IPG Fiber Laser
Laser Power: 100W
Operating Software: HYCUT
Data Format: STC/DXF/GBR/LMD
Machine Body: Marble
Machine Size: 1590mm*1400mm*1600mm
Mesh Frame Size: 740mm*1500mm*40mm(MAX)
Stencil Sheet Size: 600mm*760mm(MAX)
Machine Weight: 2400Kg
Input Power: AC 220V 3KW
Auxiliary Gas: Oxygen/ Nitrogen/ Compressed Air
Gas Pressure: 6~15bar
Temperature: 22±2 ℃
Humidity: <60 %

1. Adopted air-cooling technology with high-accuracy, automatic positioning
system, cutting by pure oxygen. 2. Laser machine controller from Germany and US (Germany / IPG Fiber Laser)
3. Flexibility: can be cut by any size, easy to operate. 4. Long lifespan, no maintenance


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