Protospeed Filipro

Protospeed Filipro

Designed and Engineered to increase your speed for the market, maximize your productivity. Machine is equipped to provide the customer with a bigger platform size to print.

  • Print upto 200mm in Z
  • Pre-Calibrated requires no calibration
  • Works in 24/7 production environment
  • Print casting tree directly
  • An open material system
  • Robust structure for high stability




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Full Specification


Built Volume X,Y,Z 137 x 71 x 200mm
Pixel Size 71um
Technology DLP
Led Wavelength 405nm
Production Jewelry, Dental & Industrial
Software Protospeed Composing Software
File Inputs STL
Network Compatibility Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Power Requirements 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 500watts
System Sizing 482 x 394 x 845mm (45Kg)
Packed Sizing 593 x 504 x 970mm (54Kg)
Warranty 12 months manufacturer warranty
Technical Support Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support Included
Bundle Includes '3d printer, Support & Slicing software, 1kg Resin, 1 Long life-tank'


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