Protospeed Magnus

The Magnus 3d printer is an ideal choice for jewellery manufacturing, as it offers high precision, smooth surface and high speed printing. With its affordable price, the Magnus is an excellent solution for jewellery manufacturing needs. Its an easy to use and it has a very user friendly interface. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces. It offers the perfect combination of quality and affordability.



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Full Specification


Built Volume X,Y,Z V1 [134x75x112mm] V2 [105x59x112mm]
Pixel Size 52um 41um
Technology DLP
Led Wavelength 405nm
Production Jewelry, Dental & Industrial
Software Protospeed Composing Software
File Inputs STL
Network Compatibility Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Power Requirements 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 400watts
System Sizing 344 x 276 x 553mm (16.5Kg)
Packed Sizing 414 x 347 x 625mm (18,5Kg)
Warranty 12 months manufacturer warranty
Technical Support Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support Included
Bundle Includes '3d printer, Support & Slicing software, 1kg Resin, 1 Long life-tank'


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