RangeVision SPECTRUM

The RangeVision Spectrum is a high-resolution desktop 3D scanner powered by structured light LED technology. This powerful 3-in-1 scanner features three scanning zones aimed at capturing different-sized workpieces, from 10 mm to 3 m. It is engineered with 3.1-megapixel industrial color cameras for professional-grade full-color scans. The RangeVision Spectrum has been designed for universal applications. It provides consistent and accurate data over time.

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Accuracy: 0,04 mm
Connectivity: USB
Display: No
Manufacturer: Rangevision
Manufacturer Country: Russia
Outer Dimensions: Millimeters: 450 x 100 x 220 mm
Weight kg: 1.25 kg
Technology Structured : Light
Camera Resolution: 3.1 MP
Max Resolution: 0,07 mm
Rotating table: Yes
Scanning Area: 133 x 100 mm -520 x 390mm
Tripod: Yes
Texture / Colors: Yes


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