Small Satellite Payloads

The practical applications of small satellites are enormous. At Alén Space, besides feeling passion for innovation and being at your disposal for the development of new solutions, we have pre-configured and ready-to-launch payloads. Our payloads are based on TOTEM, our high-performance SDR (Software Defined Radio) platform with flight heritage, developed specifically for small satellites.

- Small Satellite Payloads is a flexible solution that offers major advantages:
- Proven effectiveness in orbit, with a 100% success rate in all its missions.
- Ability to integrate interfaces for different frequency bands: UHF, VHF, S-band, L-band, X-band, Ka-band, and Ku-band.
- Remote in-flight reconfiguration.
- Immediate integration (plug-and-play) of TOTEM-based payloads with our satellite platforms.
- Option to combine in the same payload several applications (SDR, ADS-B, AIS, IoT, and SIGINT) with different frequency bands.


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