Totem EM

TOTEM is a flight-proven high-performance SDR platform designed for nanosatellites. An SoC with an embedded Linux and programmable logic plus a wide frequency range transceiver allows TOTEM to operate in the most used nanosatellite frequency bands. Its in-orbit reconfigurability makes it very convenient for any communication nanosatellite.
Main features
● PC/104 form factor
● Zynq-7000 SoC
● Wideband transceiver: ○ 70 MHz - 6 GHz ○ Up to 56 MHz
bandwidth ○ 2 x TX and 3 x RX channels
● 1 GB DDR3L (512 MB with ECC)
● 1 GB NAND Flash
● 4 Mb MRAM
● Multiple Interfaces: ○ CAN, Ethernet,UART, JTAG, I2C
● Mass : < 130 g
● 5V power supply
● Power consumption (Consumptions depend on application) ○ 2.1W in TX mode ○ 1.85W in RX mode ○ 1.4W
in stand-by mode
● Frontend interface as piggyback board


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