Sullivan Alternators

Sullivan Pancake Alternators use rare earth magnets for high power density and high efficiency. They have no brushes or slip rings to wear, and with few or no moving parts, they have very low noise and excellent reliability. These units produce an AC voltage that varies in amplitude and frequency with RPM. Within their operational range, the faster they spin, the more power they can supply

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Model Number: S676-230U-01
No-load Voltage Constant: 9.11 VAC/1000 RPM
Engine Size: 5cc to 30cc
Rated power: 50 to 220W
RPM: 2500 to 7500 RPM
Model Number: S676-300F-01
No-load Voltage Constant: 10.0 VAC/1000 RPM
Engine Size: 10cc to 50cc
Rated power: 120 to 475W
RPM: 2500 to 7500 RPM


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