T16 L

NeoDen T16Lreflow oven furnace transmits heat energy through the laminar movement of hot air. The heater and fan are used to make the air in the furnace constantly rise and circulate. The welding parts are heated by hot gas in the furnace, so as to realize welding.



Model ND T16L
Heating zone length 2380mm
Max Speed of Conveyor (mm) <1200mm/min
Available max. height of component <30mm
Conveyor Width(mm) 300
Working Power(KW) 6
Peak Power(KW) 24
Noise  intensity 75db
Input Voltage(V) 380V only
Length*Width*Height (mm) 3800*800*1250mm
Packing Size 3870*860*1290mm
Net Weight 500KG
Gross Weight 570KG


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