Ultrasonic Cleaner C320

C320 Ultrasonic Cleaner 3L Manicure Tools Metal Parts Cutter

1. High-performance ultrasonic components matched with dual protection circuit makes for stable power output.
2. Selection of high-precision heating devices matched with a constant temperature system leads to an accurate
liquid temperature.
3. Constant power and temperature ensure that the objects are thoroughly cleaned, which improves the objectsâ€TM cleaning accuracy.
4. Digitally-controlled LED operation is smooth and steady, which enhances the operationâ€TMs technical feeling, sense of beauty, and texture.
5. The ultrasonic cavitation has multiple functions of cleaning, dissolution, emulsification, dispersion, alcohol extraction, and defoaming.
6. Constant power and fixed frequency improve the density uniformity of ultrasound, which is especially suitable for cleaning high-precision objects.
7. The type of 6L or the above is equipped with a drainage system, skid-resistant handle, and other humanized devices.
8. The product has the certification of CE, RoHS, FCC, etc., and is under the protection of intellectual property rights.


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