Wiiboox L130

Wiiboox L13O High precision up to 0.03mm, smooth and delicate surface. A single spot is only 26.1μm2, and the mini details can also be presented accurately. Array 405mm light source, more than 85% balanced energy, ensure the accuracy of the whole print range model, effectively delay the life of LCD Light Desktop, Human-Oriented design Stable structure, flip-up front cover, wide operation space.

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Printing Size - 130*70*180mm
Printing speed - 5-7s/layer(0.05mm)
Wavelength - 402.5-405nm
Operation way - touch screen
Layer thickness - 0.025/0.05/0.1/0.15mm
Voltage - 24v
Machine weight - 10kg
Printing size - 13.0*7.0*H18.0 cm

Forming method - LCD
control system - Linux
Transmission mode - USB/wifi
Data format - STL, SLC, OBJ
Spot size -0.05mm*0.05mm
Power -100 w


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