NeoDen YY1 pick and place machine newly-designed stick feeder with its compact shape, is perfectly compatible with the tape feeder system.

Supports bulk component feeder, strip feeder and IC tray feeder.

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Product name NeoDen YY1 pick and place machine
Machine Style Single Gantry With 2 Heads
Placement Rate Vision On: 3000CPH
Vision Off: 4000CPH
Feeder Capacity Tape Feeder: 52 (all 8mm)
Stick Feeder: 4
Flexible Feeder: 28
Bulk Feeder: 19
Nozzle Change Capacity 3 Nozzles
Component Range Smallest Size: 0201
Largest Size: 18*18mm
Max Height: 12mm
Rotation ±180°
External Dimensions (mm)        Machine Size: 643(L)x530(W)x601(H)
Packing Size: 700(L)x580(W)x585(H) (wooden box)



1. Automatic nozzle changer help realizing nozzles changed flexibly.

2. Independent high-definition & high-speed dual vision recognition systems,as well as dual cameras for real-time display the working status. allows fast programming on the machine, friendly interface & easy operation.

3. Works in a near-perfect silent mode, making it a green and pollution-free pick and place machine.

4. Equipped with a vacuum detection function,can set standard vacuum detection values on placement head flexibly,all information can be displayed visually on the placement head.

5. Comes with a high-definition capacitive touch screen, which can be adjusted up and down to meet the needs of different viewing angles and enhance the user experiences.


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